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Company Brief

The line of products is offered to all in exchange of reasonable prices. Our clients are also rendered with most reliable customer services.

Kyna Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. produce world class absorbent intimate hygiene products like Sanitary Pads, Anion Sanitary Napkin, Baby Disposable Diapers, Cotton Panty Liner and other hygiene products.

Mostly women in India feel helpless during their menstrual cycle owing to many reasons. These reasons could be lack of awareness, affordability or availability of sanitary pads, Napkins. Idea behind this, Company would produce female friendly hygienic products that has been managed by females themselves to results our products at very useful and comfortable way.

Our brand- Jovial Care is for the economic range with premium quality. We are expanding roots PAN India and also in Global market.

According to our company, in today's society more than 80% of the adolescent girls know about menopause and menarche as well as the duration of menstruation. Only issue is that they are not familiar about how to handle these things. In fact, in our Indian culture we consider menstruation as secret and shameful thing which is all about impurity and negativity which leads to exclusion for the period.

Understanding the need of era, we at Kyna Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. consistently working hard to provide the customers with affordable good quality international standard Sanitary Napkin and other Hygiene Products to strengthen the concept of Hygiene and Healthy India mission.

Our company is aimed at creating a favorable environment which enable and empower us for strengthening the practice of menstrual hygiene explicit focus on all parts of the world. We are working with the mission to provide users with easy access to sanitation products via a community-based set-up of production & distribution and required facilities through policy advocacy at the household level.

The goal of our company is to deliver quality product at best rate and promoting new start up to come in the business.

As per a market survey, only 2% women are using menstrual pads in rural India and around 12% in Urban India. Due to the high price and non-availability; 68% of the women are not using sanitary pads. The rest of the women uses un-hygienic reusable cloths and rugs. Such improper hygiene practices may cause infections which lead to major health issues as well as adversely affect the environment. Keeping this in mind, we are offering products which are unique and environment friendly. We wish that hygienic and quality products become a crucial part of the lifestyle of every female thus, make India healthy in feminine aspect.

Why Us?

Jovial Care a brand from Kyna Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.- Anupgarh. We have studied and have the knowledge related to the issues of material and skin type with changing seasons in India. From various surveys and recommendations of gynecologist and dermatologist, our brand- Jovial Care has invented new generation pads. They are made up of finest pre-treated raw material and top sheet which provide better performance and softness in feminine parts.

Being dynamic in potency, our professionals have great knowledge to take significant decisions which are beyond their official roles and make sure that only flawless products are dispatched from our end to the clients.

Our key strengths :

  • Stern quality standards
  • Timely delivery
  • Transparent dealings
  • Understand Customer requirements

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