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Company Brief

The line of products is offered to all in exchange for reasonable prices. Our clients are also rendered with the most reliable customer services. Kyna Healthcare Private Limited produces world-class Premium range products like Sanitary Pads, Anion Sanitary Napkins, Hair Shampoo, Face scrub, Body scrub, Intimate wash, Menstrual cups, Hair Removal Cream, Face wash, Face & Body Cream, and hygiene products.

Our famous Brand is JOVIAL CARE. And Jovial Care makes many products for feminine hygiene, Personal Care, and Health & Beauty Products. Our brand- Jovial Care, is for the economic range with premium quality. We are expanding our roots in PAN India and the Global market.

Understanding the need of the era, we at Kyna Healthcare Private Limited consistently work hard to provide customers with the good affordable quality international standard for feminine hygiene products like Sanitary Napkin, Menstrual cups, and Personal Care Products like Intimate Wash. Hair Shampoo, Face wash, Face scrub, Body scrub, Hair Removal Cream, face & Body Cream, and other products to strengthen the concept of Beauty and Healthy mission.

Our company aims to create a favorable environment that enables and empowers us to strengthen the practice of menstrual hygiene and Personal care explicit focus on all parts of the world. We are working with the mission to provide users with easy access to sanitation products via a community-based set-up of production & distribution and required facilities through policy advocacy at the household level. Our company aims to deliver a quality product at the best rate and promote new start-ups to come into the business.

Feminine Hygiene Product Sanitary Pads

During their menstrual cycle, most Indian women feel powerless for various reasons. These factors include a lack of knowledge, money, or access to sanitary pads. The idea behind this is that the company would produce female-friendly hygienic products that females have managed to make our products very useful and comfortable.

According to our company, in today's society, more than 80% of adolescent girls know about menopause and menarche, as well as the duration of menstruation. The only issue is that they are unfamiliar with handling these things. In fact, in our Indian culture, we consider menstruation as a secret and shameful thing that is all about impurity and negativity, leading to exclusion from the period.

A market study found that just 2% of women in rural India use menstruation pads, compared to roughly 12% in urban areas. A staggering 68% of women do not use pads because they are either too expensive or unavailablea figment of Approximate Values; Inaccurate Reference. Most of the ladies reuse dirty linens and carpets. Infections spread by such a lack of cleanliness can potentially create serious health problems and harm the environment.

Consequently, we are proud to provide novel and kind options on the planet. Every woman should prioritize using safe and effective products in her daily routine since this is important to us. So, let us improve India's reproductive health.

Skin & Personal Care Products -

Our Skin Care, Hair Care, and Personal Care Products are world-famous. Due to our price range and our Quality. Jovial Care Skin Care and personal care products are designed to deliver a functional benefit and enhance the consumers' confidence by enhancing their beauty. Jovial Care Skin Care Products are designed to clean hair, Dandruff free hair, Clean skin, Acne free skin pigmentation-free skin, make the skin feel smooth, provide moisturizing agents, provide protection against sunburn, etc.

Kyna HealthCare Private Limited is a line of expert Beauty and skincare driven by a passion for providing Confidence routines and promoting natural beauty. Jovial Care aims to help you reinvent yourself through various life stages by breaking the stigma that beauty is only a surface.

Why Us?

Jovial Care is a brand from Kyna Healthcare Private Limited - Anupgarh. We have studied and know about material and skin type issues with changing seasons in India. From various surveys and recommendations of gynecologists and dermatologists, our brand- Jovial Care, has invented new generation pads and Skin Care Products. They are made up of the finest pre-treated raw material, top sheet, and superior ingredients for personal care products that provide better performance and the Best result. Being dynamic in potency, our professionals have great knowledge to make significant decisions beyond their official roles and ensure that only flawless products are dispatched from our end to the clients.

Our key strengths:

  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Ethics
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent efficiency and productivity
  • Ability to scale sustainably
  • Strong, innovative company culture
  • Quality standards
  • Safe & Timely delivery
  • Transparent dealings
  • Understand Customer Requirements


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